Protect our Pollinators

Our pilot cause is to help save the bees. Bees are one of our nation’s primary pollinators - they're believed to pollinate about 1/3 of the crops grown in the US - and therefore vital to our ecosystem and food security. However, a plethora of causes have led to an extreme decline in the bee population. One of the main issues plaguing the bees is known as Colony Collapse Disorder. Colony Collapse Disorder is when worker bees abandon their Queen bee. It is unclear where the bees go, but its impact has been devastating on the bee population. A class of pesticides called neonicotinoids has contributed to bee population decimation as well. Its use has been used unchecked due to the muzzling of USDA scientists and EPA negligence.

A portion of all proceeds goes to Planet Bee Foundation, a San Francisco-based organization that teaches schoolchildren about beekeeping, the importance of protecting our pollinators, and environmental stewardship. In 2016, they reached 6,000 students.